Training in town?

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Training in town?

Postby Tres » Sun Apr 12, 2015 12:49 pm

I live in chandler and want to do some training with my Brittany. He had some training before I bought him but I want to keep working with him. I've never trained a pointing breed before. I have access to go train with Arlette and Steve at KNine bird dogs but dont always have the time to drive an hour away to train. Do any of you train near chandler? Hic (KNine's BOHICA) is ecollar trained, whoa Trained, and I've been working with him on retrieving. The few times we went hunting this past season he did really well, however, I could have done a better job getting us places with birds. He held points well and retieved downed birds fairly well. I would like to try some field trials with him at some point just for fun. He will be turning 3 in May. Thanks In advance for any replies.


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