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Participation & Committment

Postby Drahthaar Daddy » Wed Jan 25, 2012 8:24 am

This may get long so bear with me. I wanted to put a message out to the membership to relay some of what is happening inside. We put together a rules commitee and a trial comitee at the end of trial season last year, of which you will get info on very soon. I was involved with both of these comitees and I believe we are trying to make some changes that will facilitate more fun events. Everything that we have spent time on has been to try and make the club better. All of this being said I think that in order to continue this other members need to participate in positions for this club to improve. I have spent a considerable amount of time, travel, and effort to do my part in this as a board member the last two years and as trial chairman the last two years. The members who have beared the brunt of the work to get us here have given the reighns to us to move forward and we shold all thank these members for their committments. Lance&Gina, Ed Rucker, Jim & Debbie Schroeder, Todd Felitz, and others. Without them this club would not be the best... I also think that we should consider all of this with the upcoming ellections and new year. The current board, cabinet, and commitees have spent alot of our free time doing club bussiness which t times has proved difficult. I just wanted to put a call out to the entire membership for participation and committment to carry this on. Volunteer and step up, without this the club will suffer. Good day and be safe.

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Postby erucker » Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:43 am

Thank you Brian for always being there to help and keep the wheels a turning. Your steadfast committment does not go unnoticed. What you do for the club is appreciated by many, please know that.

I wish more would step up.

To all: There are givers and takers in this world. What are you?????

Thank you again my friend,

Ed Rucker

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Postby GonePointing » Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:33 pm


Thanks for the kind words. You are spot on in the fact that EVERYONE needs to help out and commit some effort to our club in order for it to be a success. I agree with Ed in that I truly do appreciate what you and others like Karl, CJ do for our club. We have walked your shoes before and it only works when EVERYONE gets involved and does a little something to support our club. As you know most of my focus these days is running my dogs in horseback field trials (AKC & AFTCA). However, when I am able to make club events I would like to offer to do whatever I can to help our club out. To all you new members and there have been many that have joined our club over the past year, please get involved in any way you can. We all sure appreciate your support and commitment to our club's success. Every single person in our club is important to the future of our club so never feel that your support in any way is not appreciated. This has been a wonderful club and will continue to be so as long as EVERYONE does their part to help. I hope to see you all at the Feb trial down at Desert Pheasant Recreation. I will not be able to make it on Sat due to I will be helping the Cochise Birddog Club with their annual youth hunt down south but I plan to come over to Bob's place (DPR) on Sunday. Enjoy the rest of wild bird season and be safe!

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